New Rider Info.

When deciding to purchase a motorcycle,
there are two important factors that you need to consider

A) Attending all required training courses to help develop and/or improve your skill level
B) Obtaining a valid motorcycle learners and licence

More information on different training courses required

Beginner Rider Training

Our Beginner Rider Training course is a full day course for the person who is new to motorcycling and/or the student who feels that you may be a bit ‘rusty’ and need to go over the basics again considering that the last time you rode, may have been several years ago. This course provides an invaluable foundation for motorcycle riding. Each of the steps have a specific purpose to help you learn the correct motorcycle riding techniques from day one, but also to prepare you for the next level of riding required after this

Intermediate Road Skill Rider Training

Our Intermediate Road Skill Training course is most definitely one of a kind. This course is for everyone! Whether you are a beginner rider who have just learned the basics or whether you are a more experienced rider who may need to improve certain riding skills e.g. Cornering, steep incline pull aways or even if you just require better overall bike control skills. Our Intermediate course is specialized in providing various level riders (from novice to more advanced riders), with a unique road skill course with the focus on providing the required skills and techniques to face our public roads today e.g. unpredictable corners, potholes, gravel etc

K53 Licence Training

Our K53 licence training course is a half day course that prepares you 100% in the correct manner and according to the SAQA requirements. This course provides you with all the theory and practical elements necessary to apply effectively and accurately when going to the licence department for your test. 99% of students who do not attend the proper K53 licence training, fail. In most cases it had nothing to do with their riding ability . Training for this is a necessity.

Track / Advance Rider Training

You don’t have to be a racer, or even consider racing to do a Track /Advanced Training course with us. Although we also specialise in race coaching, we highly recommend this course to everyone because It is a good starting point for entry level, intermediate and advance riders to practice and improve personal skill levels . It is a personalised training course that enables us to assess your current level and provide the necessary programme to help improve your riding. All skills obtained from our Track Training course can be used when riding on the road, or to improve track day/race day times. But most importantly, these are all elements that are guaranteed to help you on the road as well.

More information on obtaining a valid motorcycle learners and licence

Motorcycle (Code A, A1)
A Motorcycle learners can be acquired from the age of 16 years and older.

Code A1 = Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cubic centimetres or less (This is allowed from the age of 16)
Code A = Motorcycles with an engine capacity greater than 125 cc. (This is allowed from the age of 18)

How long is my learners valid for?
2 years (24 months)
What is my restrictions with a learners?
You are not allowed to lift anyone
How long must I wait until I go for my K53 permanent licence?
The sooner the better. If your learners expires you will have to rewrite it
What training will I need to do in order to pass my K53 permanent licence?
We highly recommend the half day k53 Licence training course with SR Academy

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